Friday, 21 September 2007

Bewegungsreich, fitness studio

So this is a first for me to write about a fitness studio on this blog, but I believe in supporting women who have also started up their own businesses. After looking for years in Berlin for a movement alternative to dancing, I have really been lucky in finding Bewegungsreich! Bewegungsreich is run by two women, Nadine Kroedler and Claudia Neyer. They are both movement specialists and they really put an emphasis on training intelligently and healthily! They work with they clients closely and do a personal analysis with each client to find out what they need or should avoid.
I find myself sitting alot these days either in front of a computer screen or at a sewing machine and working out at their fitness studio is a welcome change. The studio itself is really nice and the atmosphere is lovely. This Sunday 23.09.2007 from 10 until 16:00 is open house, so if you should be in the neighborhood, I heartily recommend you stop by! All the best to Nadine and Claudia!

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