Wednesday, 26 September 2007

sewing cafe in berlin

Linkle Stitch'n Bitch Cafe is a cafe with a few tables, a dozen chairs, ten sewing machines, the brainchild of Linda Eilers and located in Berlin Kreuzberg.
During Linkle business hours(Tues-Sun 13:00-22:00) you can just walk right in, sit right down and for 5€ an hour sew to your heart's content! If you get stuck, you can always to turn to someone there for help and when you are finished you can go home and your livingroom isn't in a state of creative chaos, unless of course you left it like that before you went to the sewing cafe. Ms. Eilers also offers sewing courses and workshops for novice and experienced sewing sisters.(I may myself am eyeing the course on creating your own patterns) So check it out and fix that broken zipper finally or make a bag to end all bags at Linkle!

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