Monday, 1 October 2007


photos: herzensart viking, angel, hippiebus
herzensart is a temporary online home for some very sweet softies who are probably looking for a permanent home. herzensart is full of lovely soft art creations by a very talented woman named Sandra Monat. Two of her designs were published in the Australian book "softies" and her vikings have infiltrated the USA! And for the Germans out there, guess what... she is a homey....she lives near Cologne! She does also seem to have a partner or shall we call her a muse? She seems to be blue and has four legs.... if you want to find out what that is all about, you will have to go to herzensart and find out...I am not telling!


Friederike! said...

thanks so much! We love your tasteful offer of fabrics. And also the website design is great!

xt said...

i good friend of mine :-))
my firts buy in the net and my first contact !i very nice person!