Saturday, 13 October 2007

Loft 1800, Butterflies and Amy Butler

erin michael: loft 1800
erin michael: loft 1800
kona bay: sayuri collection
amy butler: wallflower mustard
Some luscious new fabrics have arrived! A reorder of the Wallflower print from Amy Butler's Lotus collection in cherry, and new to volksfaden, in mustard. This print is one of my favs. ( Yes there is a price difference, Amy Butler has gone up in her prices.)
The butterfly print is one of the first Japanese fabrics from Kona Bay to arrive. I have it in two colorways, gold and red.
Some gorgeous fabrics from Erin Michael's "Loft 1800" collection. I Love the colors she has chosen for these prints!
So go take a peek and let those creative juices start to flow.......

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