Sunday, 17 February 2008

erin michael

Erin Michael's new collection for Moda, "ZaZa" has arrived. This is the third collection that volksfaden has carried, so , yeah you could safely say I like what this lady does.
Erin Michael describes her style as mixing old and new with a modern twist. Inspired by her collections of outsider art, old cameras, miniature chairs, toys and found objects; her eclectic relaxed creativity defies genre. Erin is a graphic and retail display designer by trade. Her interests in photography, interior design and retail branding give her a deep pool to draw from. Erin was raised around textiles her entire life, applying her style and inspiration to fabric has become her favorite form of expression. (bio via Moda)
Her new collection "ZaZa" has a definite retro look and an unusual color palette. I like the delicate, wistful graphics and the fresh, yet understated, colorways she has chosen for "ZaZa". I hope you'll like them, too.

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