Thursday, 17 April 2008


Claudia of sassafrasdesign sent me those photos yesterday of these smocks and a little wrap around skirt she has made for her daughter's twins. I think she did a fabulous job and I wanted to share them with you.
She told me these will be on her site and it does say that a children's collection is coming soon so I would think these would be included. A long, long time ago when I put out my daughter's clothes before she went to kindergarten I would have been hard put not to dress her in something as cute as this! (Now H&M determines what my daughter wears and I assume that smocks probably don't cut the mustard with 16 year olds!)
The site is in Dutch but I know that Claudia's German is perfect and I am sure that she speaks English, too because most of the Dutch I know, speak at least 3 (if not 4 or more) languages. Also love the little Dutch bonnet pictured above I saw on her site and her fabric music boxes would also make a lovely shower gift.
Thank you Claudia!

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