Friday, 30 May 2008

first swim

Summer has arrived in Berlin! Yesterday the temperature climbed to a sweltering 30°,
so we decided it was the day to go for our first swim in the lake. (Most outdoor pools and parks open on May 1st but I tend not to swim if temperatures are in the teens!)
We are very lucky in that we live in an area in Berin where we have several swimming holes near us. We have about a ten minute walk to Schlachtensee which is the lake pictured above and my favorite. This is where we went yesterday and took an ICE COLD dip!!! I grew up on a lake in Upstate NY so I am not unfamiliar with ice water lakes but it has been awhile, so it took me quite awhile to actually swim out but I did and the summer has officially started for this family! Have a great weekend!

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