Tuesday, 1 July 2008

vernähte zeit

The amazingly beautiful quilts pictured here are Bosna Quilts. The Bosna Quilts Workshop was created Through the iniative of Lucia Feinig-Giesinger, an Austrian artist, in 1993. Women refugees from Bosnia-Herzogovina who had left there homeland during the Civil War and were staying in Vorarlberg, Austria, created the first quilts that Ms. Feinig-Giesinger designed. After the war ended, the women returned to their village, Gorazder and continued making their living through their quiltmaking. Bosna Quilts provides jobs for twelve women and is publicly and privately funded. To find out more about the women and their quilts please go here. Recently a book was published full of fabulous photos and the history of Bosna Quilts. The book is in German and English, "Vernähte Zeit, Time Sewn Up" and it is number one on my list of books I deperately want!!! To find out more about Bosna Quilts, please go here.

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