Sunday, 30 November 2008

Aura Herbal Wear

I just added some new organic cotton fabric to our "Organic Fabrics" category. These fabrics are from Aura Herbal Wear. Aura was founded by Arun and Sonal Baid and they are based in Ahmedabad, India. Their motto is "We live and dye naturally" and their dream is to offer the option to all users to choose an herbally dyed textile over a chemically dyed one without design, quantitiy, or quality limitations.
Aura uses only medicinally rich herbs, plant material, minerals & oils like, turmeric, Myraballm, castor oil, sea salt etc for dyeing fabric or yarn. They have aspired to achieve and retain the medicinal qualities of the herbs by immersing the plant material directly in the dye bath for the same reason.
Fabrics are exposed to direct sunlight, use of a natural grass base and animal manure starts the bleaching process.
To make the colors bright and fast natural mordents such as Myrballams, rubhabs leaves, oils, minerals, alum, iron Vat etc are used. They do not use heavy metal mordents like copper, chrome, zinc, tin etc.
They recycle their waste products through filtration into the farming industry.
Aura Herbal Wear also does custom printing starting at 100 meters.
I am constantly on the look out for affordable organic cotton sources and am pleased to have found this company. The fabrics can be found here.

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