Sunday, 2 November 2008

brigitte singh

Brigitte Singh travelled to Jaipur as a Parisian fine art student in 1980 to study Indian miniature painting.She became fascinated by Indian chintzes and their influence on 17th Century French Provencal textiles. Her passion for textile design led to the opening of her own studio in 1984. Her prints are both inspired by and taken directly from archive representations of the stylised motifs from the 17th to 19th Centuries of the Mughal Empire.
The fabrics are created by using hand carved wooden blocks in the traditional block printing method. It is a process requiring a great deal of skill with separate blocks being used for each different colour, the correct positioning of the block being judged by eye. A forty foot length of fabric can take up to an entire day to produce.
These are a few of her amazing prints. The entire Brigitte Singh collection can be found by Aleta in the UK.

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