Sunday, 18 January 2009


Yesterday a customer wrote and asked if we would be getting a certain fabric in soon that is currently sold out. She also briefly mentioned what she uses the fabric for, she uses them in bookbinding so I asked if she could send me some photos of her books and I did a little exploring online and .....I found the work of doro ottermann aka dorobot. What great stuff! Doro is an illustrator and graphic artist who lives in Hamburg,Gemany. She makes really cool stuff. I checked out her Dawanda shop and bought something I have long needed....a "no" cardset! I think this could possibly make my life a whole lot easier....on the front of the cardset "It is really easy" is printed in German and inside there are fifty cards with the word "nein"(no) printed on them. Wow, perfect for people who have a hard time saying "no", I bought two sets! Her covered books will also be for sale shortly in her shop and I am hoping maybe her multiple choice diary will also be for sale. Thanks for writing, Doro!