Sunday, 22 March 2009

mod green pod

Mod Green Pod's fabrics are 100% certified organic cotton canvas, designed and printed in the USA using non-toxic pigments. They are suitable for covering your favorite worn out chairs , for hip new cushions, for bean bags that will last the "throws" of childhood, for an almost indestructable tote bag and for many other home/life accessorizing projects that you, who are far more ceative than I, will probably think of making with these fabrics.
For more information about Mod Green Pod please check out their website They also have a very cool feature on their site called the "room creator" where you can test out different fabrics on living room furniture.
Mod Green Pod just made an appearance in the March issue of Gala Style that some of you may have seen here in Germany.(photo above)
Please taka a look at the new Mod Green Pod fabrics at Volksfaden.

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