Sunday, 14 March 2010

organic cotton prints

Heather Moore
Jane Foster
Ellen Giggenbach
Hitomi Kimura
Sandra Monat

Well it has been a long time coming but new organic cotton designer prints are now online by VOLKSFADEN. Several designers agreed to license a design to Volksfaden and these designs were then printed in India by Aura Herbal Wear. The designers are some of my faves out there: Jane Foster, Ellen Giggenbach, Hitomi Kimura, Sandra Monat (aka herzensart)and last but definitely not least Heather Moore (aka skinnylaminx)! The designs are printed on an organic cotton poplin, the fabric is 140cm, 53" wide. The dyes used are non-toxic herbal based. The fabric is ideal for clothing and or quilting.


Annie Robertson said...

Organic cotton clothing does not contain any toxic chemicals and so they are 100% safe for your body.
Organic Products

Harmony said...

How totally exciting!!!! This news just made my day. Congratulations!

Volksfaden said...

Thanks Harmony!