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betsy ross patterns

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Awhile ago I started offering Betsy Ross Sewing Patterns at volksfaden. These patterns are made from a sturdy paper, so they can be reused several times. They include instruction booklets that are full of illustrations and clear directions. I don't know how many times I have tried to decipher the sewing pattern code!! At times I think I must have some kind of defect because I often read and reread them trying to, if not understand, then at least get some idea of what I am expected to do. The Betsy Ross patterns are different, believe me, otherwise I wouldn't be offering them. In their own words:

"Betsy Ross was born out of a need for change in the world of clothing and sewing patterns. It seems impossible to find stylish, well-fitting and user-friendly patterns. Once you find a pattern you can live with, you discover that the instructions are unnecessarily confusing, the tissue pattern is ripped and unusable after five minutes of opening the package and the sizing chart is impossible to decipher. So one night, unable to sleep, Aimee began thinking of a better way to make sewing patterns, and she came up with Betsy Ross.

...about Aimee Dolby, the founder of Betsy Ross Patterns:

I began sewing around 10 years old in the Busy Bees 4-H club in Huntington, Indiana. One of my first projects was a pair of neon green and hot pink capri pants. They were really cool and I wore them around all summer. I think it was also that summer that I realized that I lived on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere in Indiana, and no one was wearing green and pink capri pants except for me. I had to get out of there and started formulating a plan. Fast forward a few years, and now I am living in Philadelphia with my artist husband and my sleepy cat, Petey. It seems perfect that we moved here- Betsy Ross' turf!

I named Betsy Ross after the famous seamstress of course, but we also know Betsy was an entrepreneur, upholstery expert, political activist, mother, wife, and all around amazing lady. To me, the name Betsy Ross evokes the characteristics of the women for whom I created my company: inventive, creative, powerful, and multi-faceted."

So yes, the patterns are in English but I do think they are possible to follow even if you might be a bit unsure of your English skills. I am always willing to help and answer any questions that might come up when you are using a pattern, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

You can visit the betsy ross photo gallery here and if you want to get more information about her paterns, go here.

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