Sunday, 20 January 2008

indian summer bazaar

images via an indian summer bazaar
ba·zaar (ba-zär‘) - A sale of miscellany; A shop where a variety of goods are sold; A street of small shops (especially in Orient)
Bhavna of indiansummer has opened an online bazaar and there are some very lovely things to be found there. ( although a few less lovely things for you because I have already been shopping!) In Bhavna's own words "An Indian Summer’s Bazaar will bring to you an eclectic mix of select Asian and Indian crafts and products of exquisite design and high quality. Everything showcased in this bazaar would have been handpicked, and contemporized to be in tune with modern aesthetics and design sensibilities". The images above are from an indian summer bazaar, beautiful objects for you and your home can be found there. The two pillows pictured are mine, as is the red bracelet, but there are still so many special things there to choose from, gorgeous pillows and stunning stoles... aw, go on, it won't hurt to look......Congrats Bhavna to a wonderful launch!!!

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