Monday, 28 April 2008


Here are some pics of our market booth from the open air market last weekend. My neighbor Lennie and I did it togethether and this was the first time her bags went public! She is a scream and we had fun, the weather was amazing and the atmosphere was jovial so all in all it was an experience although enjoyable probably something we soon decided we won't be doing often if ever again! The weather conditions were ideal but because our booth was in the shade we did indeed freeze our behinds off on Saturday! Yeah, it is just alot of work isn't it and also fairly expensive but nice to get out and hook up with folks, even if our feet were numb and our noses frozen.. (we took turns hanging out in the sun pretending to be interested in the tomato plants but indecisive as whether to buy or not just to warm up). So for all of you who did stop by, we enjoyed meeting you!

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