Thursday, 8 May 2008


The newest addition to the Volksfaden family is Tula Pink with fabrics from her Flutterby collection by for Moda.

Just to introduce her to you, here is an excerpt from her designer bio from the Moda website:
"Tula Pink draws her influences from everything she sees, constantly taking in and mentally cataloging her environment. From nature to fashion, nothing is safe from her searching gaze. From receiving her first sewing machine at twelve years old to now she has always valued something hand made over something that can be purchased. Known by friends and family to spend days on end locked in her room making everything from journals to dresses. Ms. Pink is always on the prowl for a new project, jumping up and down with excitement to share her discoveries with anyone who stands still long enough to listen."

So the fabrics are to be found here and if you would like to know more about Ms. Pink you can go here!

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